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  • Why people are moving traditionally to online business.

    Now-a-days large number of ­students, customers, graduates, and professors even every field of life is rapidly moving on online business. Have you ever think why this is happening?

    If you think people are moving to internet business, they left behind traditionally business. When you go to shop to buy a dress like shirt, trouser, pent court or buy wrist watches, wall clock, motorbike, bicycle, cars, etc. Then you go to a shop and select your product. Now, online store gives you just on single click. You can select your desire product. This product is automatically reached at your home. What is the reason behind this?

    Some Basics of reasons are:


  •  In the past, we spent a lot of time to choose products.
  • We have limited number of products.
  •   Disable persons have equal rights to visit store or shops.
  •   Limited budget.
  •   Feel hesitate to visits some shops.
  •   Unable to move another city or country.
  •   It was single person’s choice.
  •  Weather disturbed you at the time to visit a bazar or shops, stores.
  • In the past, we spent a lot of time to choose products.

    When you go to bazar most of the customers were wasting their time to choose products. Many people or customers were visiting to several shops, store or shopping mall they waste theirs times also. At the end, they did not choose any product.

    We have limited numbers of products.

    When you go to shops or malls you have limited numbers of items for visiting. Due to shortage of time or due to limited number of stores in your area. You are unable to visit more products at a time. So you were agreed on these limited products.

    Disable persons have equal rights to visit store or shops.

    There is another reason of online shopping. Now disable persons have equal rights to visit online shopping. They can easily select their item which are required for them.

    Limited budget

    Due to limited budgets, customers are feeling hesitate to visit large stores but some time these store are cheaper than your normal stores.

    Feel hesitate to visits some shops:

    One of the biggest reason is that customers are feeling hesitate in rush. They don’t like to visit stores. These types of customers are very sharply move to online business.

    Unable to move another city or country:

    Most of the persons are unable to move another cities. Now such people have opportunity to visit online shops and buy their products.

    Single person’s choice:

    Mostly when you go to market, you have only individual choice to buy product. So this way of buying is not better. So such people have choice to move on internet business or stores. Weather disturb you at the time of visit bazar or shops, stores.

    It is possible that you have few free hours for your shopping or you have single day. It is possible weather condition will not suitable for you. So online store is better than traditionally shopping stores.

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