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  • Which Suits Your School Needs Better - A Laptop Or A Tablet?

    In an ideal world everyone would have both - but for the sake of argument let's presume that our cash-strapped student has to make the decision on whether a laptop or a tablet will better suit their educational needs. There's plenty that needs considering here, so we're going to assume that the device will be used on a daily basis not just for educational purposes but also for watching movies, surfing the web and such like during downtime. Here's a run through of the key issues that will need considering:

    1) Portability

    Laptops have become increasingly lighter and smaller over recent years but they still can't compete to tablets when it comes to portability. If our student is going to be travelling to campus each day and the trip involves a long journey, a tablet may be the best call - plus it's much easier to work with on buses and subways than with even the most compact laptop.

    2) Written Assignments

    Students who are going to be preparing plenty of written assignments simply must opt for a laptop (check for a decent keyboard and maybe a number pad too). Even the largest and most ergonomic tablets with an attachable keyboard don't lend themselves to day after day writing - the screens are simply too small. However those studying courses that are more technical based might find the tablet more practical as it can be easily used in tight spaces such as workshops, labs and on the move.

    3) Performance & Visual Media

    Even the cheapest laptops will be more powerful than the most expensive tablets, and they are capable of running every piece of software a student is likely to nee.Tablets on the other hand will have excellent media playback and are more comfortable to use. Plenty of design and media students find that tablets are ideal for transporting their work and provide a more natural means of sharing their projects among class.

    4) Cost

    Laptops continue to become cheaper for a basic model, and while budget tablets are available it's essential to consider the amount of storage space that they hold. Laptops can easily be enhanced with peripherals such as external hard drives, whereas tablets are likely to find themselves requiring cloud storage or applications such as Dropbox. As a rule of thumb - you can get away with a budget laptop, but cheap tablets might be a risky call for many.Investing in technology is really a good thing nowadays.

    5) Hybrid Laptop/Tablets

    These are increasingly popular and for those who are able to stretch their budgets a little higher may present a decent option. Essentially these machines allow for the screen of a laptop to be detached and used as a tablet device. As a compromise these may well be the best choice - yet as stated decent models can get pricey.

    6) Best For Downtime?

    Tablets have to rule the roost here, unless you like to play more complex and demanding PC games that they can't handle. They're easier and more comfortable to watch movies, enjoy music and play basic fun games.


    To a degree is comes down to personal choice and it's a call that can be rationalized by the demands of the course. As a general rule a laptop will be a safer choice for most people, yet a tablet alongside perhaps a desktop PC at home could be the best combination overall.

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