• Effective Ways To Get More Traffic From Facebook

    If you are hit by Penguin or Panda then you will feel sudden drop in web traffic. It will take lots of time to receive this traffic back. Nowadays, people prefer social networking sites to bring traffic to your blog. Facebook is on the top of list.

    Now a question is, how do we catch more traffic using facebook?

    In this post, we are going to explain you few points those help you to get more website traffic from Facebook.

    Make Your Facebook Profile More Effective

    This is the first key to get effective traffic from facebook. You need to update your current facebook profile more attractive and catchy.


    • Add your website URL in your profile.
    • Give background information of your website.
    • Provide your professional information.
    • Share articles on your timeline.
    • Share some engaging and interesting photos as well as statuses. In this way, other people will surely visit to your blog.
    Increase Your Fan Counts

    Create a fan page of your blog. Below are the few points to increase facebook fan count.

    • Share your page with your friends.
    • Place box widget on your blog page.
    • Tell your other friends about facebook fan page that are using other social networking site such as twitter, Google+, LinkedIn.
    • When you reach on certain count then your blog or website will keep getting fans automatically.
    • Use Facebook advertising facility.
    • Buy some fans for your page. They will add trust in your page.
    • Use freelancing services to buy some fans.
    Build Strong Interaction With Your Bloggers

    If you seriously want traffic to your website or blog, then you have build healthy interaction with other website bloggers. Do below things:

    • Interact with other bloggers.
    • Add popular blogger friends.
    • Read their content.
    • Share their posts.

    If you regularly do above mentioned things, they will also share and read your blog posts. In this way, you can catch more traffic from facebook.

    Use Facebook Group Facility

    This is another interesting way to get website traffic from facebook. You have to create a new group for your website or blog or be active in other groups to drive more traffic.

    Things not to be Forgotten

    Below are the few things that everybody should not forget. These tricks surely bring traffic for facebook.

    • When people are available on facebook, share your posts at right time.
    • Sharing thumbnails to attract users.
    • Share the things what people need.
    • Get affiliation form other page owners having the same topics.
    • Don’t share links.
    • Engage your friends by announcing some rewards and discounts to them.
    • Use your subscribers to get more traffic.
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