• Supporting 3G Networks With 2G Technologies

    The shaky business position of the wireless operators in the recent times has been rescued by the SMS usage and climbing SMS revenues. The real value of supporting 3G Networks with 2G Technologies is well justified. In this article, you will find out about utilizing 2G Technologies in 3G Networks. Read on to know more on the subject.

    With the right approach, carriers can employ a 2G technology such as SMS to cultivate adoption for 3G data services. Besides the need for a great deal of creativity, it will also take a renewed approach to pricing beyond the standard packages. Most importantly, text messaging can no longer be treated as a separate component or an afterthought to other data services.

    Earlier, with no frame of reference, the wireless carriers, as you might expect employed the same pricing model to text messaging. Although the customers had a variety of several options to pick from, there was a certain level of confusion and the overcharged fees. This is where the need for justifying 3G Networks with 2G Technologies stepped in.

    To simplify the usage of all the features, for instance, the content downloads, multimedia, MMS, SMS etc; the wireless carriers have worked out piecemealed data bundles. But the fault with most of these bundles is that the users must still be explanatory for their usage within the bundles. Obviously, the carriers still have ignored to connect the primary components of these packages cohesively, in this drive for simplicity.

    Another solution to get rid of any flaws is the introduction of the flat-rate pricing plans. The next most outstanding plan by a carrier is treating all message types the same and allowing customers to exchange unlimited text, picture and video messages with other Wireless customers. This equal valuation of messages not only simplifies the carrier’s messaging, but also encourages usage of not only basic SMS, but also MMS.

    With all these great new mobile applications and supporting 3G Networks with 2G Technologies, it has become more important to educate consumers. Cashing on the surge of popularity of SMS and its success, wireless operators need to use the faster networks and drive customers into the new advanced data applications.

    Innovative pricing moves along with creativeness from carriers and their content partners will become necessary for these wireless operators to survive and thrive. It is only then that the customers will keep coming back for more.

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