• About 2G Technology Capacity

    The recent technological developments have made it possible for operators to get more value out of 2G technology. The last five years have seen a lot of technological innovations taking place in 2G technology, thus improving the 2g technology capacity. The prime focus of this page is to shed light on the capacity in 2g technologies and the recent development sin this area.

    Some of the latest innovations have resulted in delivery of a higher 2g technology system capacity, thus improving on its efficiency and working. Many technological developments have been initiated to increase the capacity of 2g technology, widening the bandwidth of the networks. This also enables the operators to offer new services in these platforms.

    The 2g technology capacity between the handsets and the towers can be increased in two ways, by using digital signals.

    First, through the use of various codecs the digital voice data can be condensed and multiplexed much more successfully than analog voice encodings. This improves the 2g technology capacity and allows more calls to be packed into the same amount of radio bandwidth.

    The second way to increase the capacity of 2g technology is to focus on the cells. As the digital systems are designed to emit less radio power from the handsets, it means that the cells could be smaller. Smaller cells mean that more cells could be placed in the same amount of space. This also made the related equipment to get less expensive.

    In GSM networks, the Standard bandwidth for data services is 9.6 Kbps per time slot. But, with more efficient modulation technologies and improved 2g technology system capacity, many operators are able to provide 14.4 Kbps per time slot. To increase the available capacity in 2g technologies at the end user’s site in GSM networks, two approaches are used, the deployment of several time slots, called HSCSD or High Speed Circuit Switched Data and the deployment of packet oriented IP based technologies like GPRS and EDGE.

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