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  • Cloud computing: Next generation storage for personal & business

    In today's world a "normal user" has more then one digital device, which he takes with him every day, got it at home or in the office. Normally all these devices store data which is more or less important. Cloud computing is the next generation way to deal with this data and keep it synchronize and secure all the time.

    Most people know this: To store a certain file on a certain device, the user has to write himself an email, need to send a file through a local area network or the internet or even has to copy the file on an USB stick or burn it to a CD-ROM. But why have it be so complicated?

    One place for all important data

    The solution to all there synchronizing problems can be a central cloud storage, where a user or even a company can store all important data. Every device is connected to this cloud space and every change of the data will be directly done there. If someone uses such a method, all asynchronous data belongs to the past!

    No more worries about backups

    If a participant of a cloud service use a serious provider like, he can be sure, that the data is stored the save way. If the users hard-disk crashes or a device get lost, all the data stores save by the cloud service provider. In addition, most cloud services are organized the way, that user data is mirrored more then one time. So even there is a data loss at the service provider, the user data is restore-able.

    So all over all, there are many good reasons for using cloud space for sorting data today!

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