• The Mobile App Revolution

    Many many people wonder how to break into the league where mobile app developers have broken into. To see your app on the iPhone app and to know people from around the world are constantly downloading and viewing your app makes you feel ....important to say the least.

    The world is going mobile. Anyone's business that is not on the mobile sphere in the next few years will be out of business or gasping for business air to survive. That's why smart people have generally focussed on staying ahead of the game by following the latest trends out there.

    I remember the story about a gold rush in California in 1849 and the whole world rushed there. It created dollar billionaires. The same thing happened in the 90's this time it was on the web. It was the dotcom rush. People who got in on it instantly made crazy income. All this was made possible by taking advantage of precise timing and trends.

    Well there's a new trend taking the world by storm and it's literally scaring the heck out of me the way people are being drawn into. I am sure you are even infected with the bug. Everybody has or is planning to get a smartphone. These smartphones are powered by apps and the internet and give you power on the go.

    Local Businesses are literally waiting for you to come put their business on the mobile phones, help them get closer to the clients and propects, help them brand themselves in new and innovative ways, create more income for them by expanding their reach and all this can be done if you can only approach them a create mobile apps for them.

    Whether its on the Android, iPhone or windows phone local businesses need to get in on it. Celebrities need to get in on it. You and I need to get in on it. Associations, clubs and small meetups need to get their apps as well. Even the your local church needs to get a mobile to expand their reach to people. The list just goes on and on. Here used to be the problem. To build your app used to require your paying a huge sums ($2500 and above) to a programmer who would charge you for a every change you made from the original plan. Very frustrating to say the least if at the end you find out it wasn't exactly as you expected. Time and effort wasted, not to talk of the stinging eyes your wife will give you for wasting your savings on a venture you weren't sure would thive.

    Well,I know a few guys who have cracked the code. Now you can build apps without a line of code and as if that's not good enough you can literally cut the time by 90%. So get ready to be introduced into the world of mobile apps. People are making crazy money from apps and you need to give your self a chance at this. If you are remotely curious I advise you to click the link and get ready to be blown away.

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