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  • Life is too short, you never know when the time is passed away.

    1: Act Now

    How do you spend time planning vacations vs. planning for retirement. If you haven’t then this is the right time to plan now. As you know, It’s better to be late than never, so act now.

    2: Get enrolled in employer’s plan

    One of the best way, is to enroll in your Employer’s plan, it would help build retirement savings. You may not realize but saving is effortless and automatic though you may find reduction in your monthly payroll.

    3: Identify goals & develop a plan

    Identifying a goal is the first step and after identifying the goal, if we don’t plan then we will never reach our goal. Always have a plan to reach your goals and it’s a serious business. Many of them plan and fail because they don’t execute it properly and never revisit if what they planned is working well. Have a good plan and revisit it frequently.

    4: How to Plan for Income

    Identify all the ways through which you can plan for your retirement plan. One of the best way is through investment in banks, social security, property etc., and always the best result achieved through investment in property.

    5: Before Tax

    Have the Individual retirement account (IRA), which would defer income taxes. The % tax bracket would differ and over a period of time, the difference can be significant and it would fetch good returns.

    6: Determine and Understand the Risk

    Most of them invest money in mutual funds, shares, etc., Individual need to assess the risk of investment vs. capability to handle the risk. Without assessment all the hard earned money would be lost. This is an important factor to determine the risk and what best suits you.

    7: Diversify

    Investing all your money in one investment is always a great deal. No one knows which investment would grow. It is advisable to always spread your money and invest in multiple investments as it would reduce the un-forecasted risk or It’s just about spreading your risk.

    8: Allocation of Investment

    One of the important factor is not just deciding in which one should an Individual invest. It’s after determining how much one should invest in each of them. This would protect when the market fluctuates and may be even at the time of loss.

    9: Be vigilant about your investment

    Market is volatile. An Individual needs to constantly monitor the progress of his investments and take a wise decision of when to re-invest it. All this would fetch income at the retirement.

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  • How do you spend time planning vacations vs. planning for retirement.

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