• How to Unlock iPhone 5 4s 4 5s Sweden Telenor by IMEI code

    We in this post will present Factory Unlock Telstra Sweden guide for any iPhone models. You have iPhone 5 or 4s locked on Telenor and like to go out of country, but here is have problems. Your iPhone not is possible to use, or is need to use roaming, this is expensive very much. But not wory we have the best service to present today for you.

    IMEIUnlockPro web site is the best Factory Unlock service in this moment. They work 3 years in this busines, they is brend. This company work directly from Apple, and this unlock solutions is permanent on any carrier in the world. Only is need to know your IMEI code and IMEIUnlockPro company will unlock in Apple database servers legaly and safely. This service is legaly and your warranty will stay.

    How to find your IMEI code in your iPhone 5 4s 4 5s 5c

    This is very simple method to get your IMEI code, have two methods:

  • Go in Settings -> General -> About and your IMEI code is here.
  • Click *#06# and Call. Your imei will show on your screen.
  • Factory Unlock Telenor Sweden iPhone 5s 4s 4 5 5c

    To Unlock your iPhone must to know your Carrier lock, to be sure that your iPhone is locked on Telenor Sweden, Or you not know this, please go here on this iPhone Carrier Checker to find.

    How is need to go on this link to Unlock iPhone Telenor Sweden by IMEI code. Here add  click on the "Unlock NOW" Button. Next to do is to add your personal info in Checkout page, and in this form here add your IMEI code. When you will make order from this qwb site, will recive confirmation mail. After some time when your iPhone will be Unlocked will recive other mail that your iPhone is Unlocked.

    Now only is need to connect your iPhone on iTunes and to make restore update and this is all. Your iPhone is Unlocked Permanent on any Carrier.

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