• Eight Million Dollar Man

    In 2009, a motorcycle accident would change the life of Seattle Software Engineer Zac Vawter forever. Although doctors at Harbor View Medical Center tried desperately for three days to save his right leg, the crash resulted in the amputation of his leg just above the knee.

    Mr. Vawter already had some knowledge about recent advances in bionic technology when he made enquiries about systems that can be used to facilitate the movement of a prosthetic limb through the mind. Previously, such technology had only been used in arms.

    Four years later, and with the assistance of an $8 million dollar grant from the U.S. Army’s Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center, Software Engineer Zac Vawter became the “test pilot” of a fully functional, mind controlled bionic leg that can tackle slopes, stairs, in-chair movement far better that any other previously existing devices.

    This bionic leg responds in the same way his original leg did, he just thinks it and the leg responds: the ankle and the knee joints. The transitions between walking, standing and sitting are now almost seamless. Some refinements are still needed to make the unit commercially viable. But it represents a huge step forward in bionic technology, an a quantum leap away from former prosthetic legs, which were more or less a walking stick with built in springs. For more information on technology breakthroughs visit http://www.appsgamesdev.com

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