• Comparing 2G And 3G Technology

    The prime focus of this page is comparing 2g and 3g technology and to understand the difference between the two. 2G and 3G is a system of standards for mobile telecommunications which are described by the International Telecommunication Union. These include GSM EDGE, UMTS, and CDMA2000 as well as DECT and WiMAX. Wireless voice telephone, video calls, and wireless data are the services provided in the mobile environment. Let us now try to find the main differences between 3g and 2g technologies.

    When we compare 3g and 2g technology, let us start with the term first. Referring to the two main forms of cellular technology used all across the world during the early 21st century, 2G is the second generation, while 3G is the third generation of mobile networks.

    Looking in their history, 2G technology was first launched in the nation of Finland in 1991, while 3G was first used in Japan in 2001.

    Comparing 3g and 2g technology, while the function of 2G networks is primarily the transmission of voice information, the 3G technology offers the additional benefit of data transfer.

    Among other differences between 3g and 2g technologies, a higher level of security is offered by the 3G technology over the 2G networks. According to a UK-based technology firm, 3G networks permit authentication measures when communicating with other devices.

    Due to the advanced 3G technology, many additional features are available here unlike 2G, when comparing 2g and 3g technology. These features include mobile TV, video transfers and GPS systems.

    When we compare 3g and 2g technology, we find that 2G technology uses a wide array of frequencies in both higher and lower ranges, under which the transmission of the digital signals depends on conditions, such as weather. A drawback of 3G is that it simply is not available in certain regions.

    We hope you are well familiar with the main differences between 3g and 2g technologies after reading this article.

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