• Advantages Of 2G Technology

    Originating in the Europe, the 2g technology is used in more than two hundred countries in the world today. As the first one to help institute international roaming, on this page we will look at the many advantages of 2g technology and its widespread use. Today, you will find the mobile phone connections in different countries of the world are based on digital signals and 2g technology. Let us now learn about the main benefits of 2g technologies today.

    The first among the many 2g technology advantages is that the digital signals require very little battery power. Therefore it means that the mobile batteries can last longer. Digital coding also reduces the noise in the line, thus improving the clarity of the voice. Moreover; digital signals are looked upon as environment friendly.

    Among the other benefits of 2g technologies is that the lower power emissions have also helped in dealing with health concerns. Nobody wants any unforeseen health concerns arising due to the use of any technology.

    The introducing of digital data services, such as SMS and email is one of the many 2g technology advantages. Going all-digital with the 2g technology has allowed the world to shrink and come closer. Moreover, it is not possible to have two or more "cloned" handsets having the same phone number, under 2 g technologies. This has helped in reducing any chances of fraud to a minimum.

    Improved privacy is another added advantage of 2g technology, which was not possible with the earlier technologies. 2G phones are greatly more private than 1G phone, as the calls on the digital cells are almost impossible to eavesdrop on by use of radio scanners.

    The use of digital data service with 2g technology has helped mobile network operators to provide the SMS or short message services to any mobile network at any time over the cellular phones. The digital encryption provides privacy and safety to the data and voice calls, which is among the many other benefits of 2g technologies. SMS is also a cheap and easy way to communicate with anyone.

    To sum up, we can see many advantages of 2g technology. But using the 2G technology requires powerful digital signals to help the mobile phones function. But the digital signals could be weak if there is no network coverage in any specific area.

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