• Disadvantages Of 2G Technologies

    Although the 2G technology is widespread and popular in use, there do exist some disadvantages of 2g technologies, which you may not be familiar with. The reason is that these drawbacks of 2g technology are often not well publicized.

    Here are the main disadvantages of 2g technologies:

    Weaker digital signal
    Some areas which are less populated, if the digital signals are weak, they will not be sufficient enough to reach a cell tower. This particular problem is more often on 2G systems positioned on higher frequencies. For 2G systems deployed on lower frequencies, this is not a problem. Regulations about where 2G can be deployed may vary from country to country. However, this is looked upon as one of the main disadvantage of 2g technology.

    Angular decay curve
    One of the other disadvantages of 2g technologies is due to the fact that the digital signal has jagged decay curve, unlike the Analog, which has a smooth decay curve. Under unfavorable conditions, digital will have occasional dropouts, and may fail completely if the conditions worsen.

    Reduced range of sound
    The digital calls, although are free of static and background noise, the use of lossy compression by the codecs takes a toll and the range of sound that they transmit is reduced. You may hear less of the tonality of someone's voice conversing on a digital cellphone, which is one of the drawbacks of 2g technology.

    Some of the other disadvantages of 2g technologies are that the pulse nature of TDMA transmission used here often interferes with some electronics, like certain audio amplifiers. Moreover, as the intellectual property is concerted among a few industry members, it creates obstacles for new entrants. This in turn limits the competition among phone manufacturers. Another disadvantage of 2g technology is that GSM has a fixed maximum cell site range of 35 km, which is imposed by technical limitations.

    Although there do exist some 2g technology disadvantages, the reality is that the advantages of 2g technology are far more in number. The second generation technology is useful to both the users and the network operators at the same time.

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