• How 2G Technology Works?

    The 2G technology or Second generation technology was launched in Finland in 1991.In this article, we will focus on the working of 2g technologies and the technology of 2g. The technology behind 2g is based on GSM or in other words global system for communication. Read on to know how 2g technology works.

    Depending on the type of multiplexing used, the 2G technologies are divided into TDMA-based (time division multiple access) and CDMA-based standards (code division multiple access). While the TDMA allows for the division of signal into time slots, the CDMA on the other hand allocates each user a special code to communicate over a multiplex physical channel. TDMA assigns each call a certain portion of time on a designated frequency and the CDMA gives a unique code to each call, thus spreading it over the available frequencies. The last part of each name, which is multiple access, simply means that more than one user can make use of each cell.

    The main standards for technology behind 2g are:

    TDMA-based, although it originated in Europe, this is used in almost all countries on all the main continents. Accounting for more than 80% of all subscribers around the world, CDMA2000 in the 450 MHz frequency is used by over 60 GSM operators.

    IS-95 aka cdmaOne
    CDMA-based, this technology of 2g is used in parts of America and Asia. Used by about 17% of all subscribers globally, one sees many CDMA operators migrating to GSM in countries like Mexico, India, Australia and South Korea.

    TDMA-based, this is used exclusively in Japan

    TDMA-based, this proprietary network is in use by Nextel in the United States and Telus Mobility in Canada.

    IS-136 aka D-AMPS
    TDMA-based, it was once widespread in the America but today most operators have migrated to GSM.

    The working of 2g technologies in GSM helped it to first establish international roaming. This facilitated all the mobile subscribers to use their mobile phone connections in many different countries across the world. Unlike 1G technology, GSM technology is based on digital signals. This technology behind 2g is advantageous to both the network operators and the users at the same time.

    We hope you have a clear idea of how 2g technology works after going through this article.

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